Philippe Ferrandis Malachite and Glass Pearl Necklace

Philippe Ferrandis Malachite and Glass Pearl Necklace

Gold metallic treatment, malachite, glass pearl, and Swarovski crystal necklace from Philippe Ferrandis.

15” wide with 3.75” extra chain

Designer Biography:

Philippe Ferrandis has been designing costume fashion jewelry and accessories since 1986. Based in Paris, France, he creates two distinctive and spectacular costume jewelry collections each year. With a unique style all its own, Philippe’s statement jewelry appeals to elegant and bold women. Each piece is created with carefully selected and high quality materials including semi-precious stones, wood, Bohemian or glass crystal, all of which are mixed with finely worked pieces of metal. Philippe specializes in statement necklaces and clip on earrings. All of the jewelry is made in Philippe’s Paris studio, located in the Viaduc des Arts, a famous location renowned for the finest in French designer jewelry and art.


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