Lucite Earrings – The New Luxury Basic

Season after season, we find a huge demand for lucite earrings. Any time we think to ourselves that perhaps, it would be wise to buy less of them, we immediately sell out of every single pair. Admittedly, all lucite earrings are not created equally and without a doubt, Patricia Von Musulin‘s (PVM’s) are the best on the market. Why you ask? It all comes down to the way they are put together. PVM backs each pair of lucite earrings with pure sterling silver, creating a mirrored effect or “pop” of light. When you think about it, this technique makes perfect sense. Lucite is great because it’s the ultimate go-with-anything material, but with this versatility comes the fact that a clear material like lucite also tends to get lost in the hair. The sterling silver backing creates a subtle sparkle and once you put a PVM on your ear, there’s simply no going back. So, if you ever ask yourself what makes our lucite earrings worthy of their price tag, remember, quality and craftsmanship are always the ultimate consideration at Isabelle K Jewelry.


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