The Art of Finding New Talent

The lovely thing about owning one’s own business is that when you find a hot new designer, you can dive right in and buy what you like. Of course, there is risk involved in working with someone new, but we pride ourselves on having an eye for the next big thing. From Herve van der Straeten (who we’ve worked with for over twenty years) to Shourouk (who we picked up years ago when she was still working out of her apartment), there is an instinct that we follow when we find something fresh. Which leads me to our newest line, Gypsy. While visiting our tried and true designers at the New York jewelry show last week, we happened upon the Gypsy collection and immediately started trying everything on (a very good sign). After thinking on the collection and whether or not we should buy, we awoke the next morning still dreaming of the incredible pieces we’d seen the day before. True love if I must say so myself. Check back in the next month to see the full new collection. In the meantime, check out the beauties below.

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