New Find: Kura Fine Jewellery





















A lot of people have us pegged for statement jewelry freaks. It’s a title we accept gladly, but its not exclusively true. After being in the biz as long as we have, there are some days that we just feel like throwing on something easy and running out the door. Finding lightweight yet special-enough jewelry that measures up to our quality standards isn’t always easy. That’s why we were so excited to find Kura Fine Jewellery in Paris. First things first we just fell in love with head designer and owner Erny Johnstone. Erny is an ex-private banker turned jewelry designer and entrepreneur and her jewels are filling what we considered a massive void in our collection. Time and time again we find that our customers are actually a lot like us (go figure), they want to wear the crown jewels to the grocery store one day and the next they may feel like something a little quieter. Erny’s mix of 18k & 14k gold, sterling silver, and gemstones makes for timeless pieces and we are thrilled to welcome Kura to the Isabelle K Jewelry family.

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