Chez Philippe

So, we MAY have underestimated just how busy we were going to be in Paris. Of course, we left the US with lofty goals of blogging every night and keeping you all up to date on our antics, but alas, time was not on our side and we weren’t able to hold up to our end of the bargain. This is our official apology, we sincerely feel bad for ignoring you!

We do think you’ll be able to forgive us when you see the gorgeous gems we brought back with us. We’ve already started unpacking some new items and of course, there will be more to come over the next few months. In the meantime, check out these amazing pictures of Philippe Ferrandis custom designing necklaces for us. We are going to frame these sketches…when we say we work closely with our designers, we mean it!

Philippe Sketching




Custom SketchesCustom Sketches

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