Shay Accessories

Shay began as a creative vision shared between a mother and daughter. It has now grown into a world class jewelry company encompassing all the unique styles that complement every woman. Tania and Ladan Shayan live in the heart of Los Angeles, a place where different fashions from all over the world come together.  Inspired by the diversity of the vast city, they wanted to create pieces that would be unique like the individuals in the city, but at the same time a piece that anyone could wear and make their own.

​Incorporating various diamonds and  semi-precious stones, Shay draws the attention of the most discerning customers.  As the jewelry duo changes the face of fashion, they continue to create unique pieces.  Searching far and wide for special stones and metals.  They have items that everyone enjoys to wear.  If it’s a casual weekend or the most elegant event, Shay delivers the very finest jewelry.

​Each piece is handmade so you know that every piece you buy was lovingly put together by two women who take pride in what they do.

​Their talent and unique style captivate Hollywood and the worlds most admired celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Joan Rivers, Guiliana Rancic, Jennifer Lopez, Denise Richards etc. Each exquisite piece offers the perfect look, enhancing a woman’s inner and outer beauty every time she puts on a Shay creation. “Jewelry” Ladan says “helps transform a woman.”