Patricia von Musulin

Patricia von MusulinBold, her work has been featured in international advertising campaigns, countless magazines as well as “on the runway” with both American and European fashion designers.

Estee Lauder, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme, Victoria’s Secret, Absolute Vodka, Cover Girl, Gap, Kohler, and Goldenpoint have used her accessories in their advertising. A partial listing of fashion designers who have featured her work in both their advertising campaigns as well as in their runway shows include: Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Adrienne Vittandi, Bill Blass, Geoffrey Beene, Carolina Herrera, Chado, Ralph Rucci, Bally, Cole Haan, and Bogner. Her first working relationships were with Donna Karan and Louis D’olio for Anne Klein, Pauline Trigere, Georgio Sant Angelo and Perry Ellis. Perry Ellis personally nominated her to the “Council of Fashion Designer of America” when he was the President.

Creating a body of work known as much for its powerful originality and signature style as for its unique aesthetic ambition, Patricia von Musulin seeks to use her work to re-imagine the very idea of jewelry itself. Her collections employ a wide array of materials to evoke deep symbolism and psychological associations. Crystal-like transparency evokes the undulating currents of water, the source of all life. In contrast, the deep black tones of her “Ebony Collection” reflect  our cultural fascination with “The Primitive “and the multiracial nature of contemporary urban life.

Although Patricia von Musulin lives a very international lifestyle, at home in Istanbul or Prague as much as New York, all of her designs are manufactured in New York City.

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