Drawing on a wide range of traditional Turkish jewelry types, Jewelever produces an equally wide range of modern jewelry. This is inspired mainly by the kinds of objects made throughout the ages in Istanbul, from ancient Roman forms through elaborate Byzantine patterns and more modern Ottoman jewelry: these are the sources for the collections Jewelever now offers.

Using mainly silver and bronze as a base, Jewelever’s pieces almost all contain semi-precious stones such as amethyst, turquoise, jade, pearls, quartz and many others, responsibly sourced in Thailand, India and China as well as in Turkey itself. Following designs made in our Hatton Garden studio, some of the jewels are made in Turkey, but many are assembled here in London too: this allows us to be flexible in responding to particular individual commissions. (Our highly trained, professional craftsmen are willing and able to undertake these.)

We aim to produce collections and individual pieces that are unique, that are luxurious and exclusive yet which come at affordable prices. The high quality of design and superb levels of craftsmanship will ensure that these pieces will remain timeless.