For nearly sixty years, Goossens has been a recognized and respected brand in the world of jewellery and bronze creations. Founded in 1950 by Robert Goossens, the company continues to garner the loyalty of the world’s finest design and fashion houses, for which it still creates stunning sets. In addition, Goossens also conceives its own original and exclusive jewellery.

Martine Goossens has followed in her father Robert’s footsteps. For many years, this passionate artist has designed unparalleled and timeless jewellery which is exhibited at the boutique on the fashionable Avenue George V in Paris.

Never fall into the ease of trends and always go ‘upstream’ to improve and enrich your identity” is Martine Goossens’ motto. Moreover, this designer does not create seasonal collections, but rather, over the course of the year, delivers creations in limited editions…If not unique pieces.

Her inspirations are gathered from her daily sensations, as much as from the haute couture culture, acquired in her fathers’ studio.

The jewels come to life without sketches, directly in wax or metals such as bronze, silver or vermeil. In search of shapes, dimensions, colours, she confronts the matter, so that finally a jewel makes sense. Thus chains, cuffs, earrings, and brooches follow the rhythms of the metal and are illuminated by rock crystal; the historic gemstone of this house, along with citrine, garnet, peridot, turquoise, amethyst, coral, mother-of-pearl or precious woods.

Massive, yet airy thanks to finely chiselled openwork and delicate hollows, their shapes are one of Goossens’ distinctive traits.

All the jewellery keeps a trace of a patiently acquired savoir faire and the gestures of meticulous handcraft.

Martine Goossens is also in charge of the interior design department. She thus creates objects and furniture for well known architects such as Peter Marino, but also for a private clientele.

Magnificent chandeliers, bronze frames, rock crystal mirrors…In jewellery or design objects, art and matter, really comply with all desires.

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