Erickson Beamon

Very few designers can claim to have dressed both the First Lady and Lady Gaga, but even fewer share the imagination of jewelers Erickson Beamon.

Welcome to their universe, where glittering snowflakes freeze into delicate drop earrings, black roses bloom on bangles, a “Brave New World” is being charted out with the yards of pearls and the “Duchess of Fabulous” rules the ro. Prepare to”Be…dazzled,” warned the late Alexander McQueen, a frequent collaborator.

Founded and designed by Detroit natives Karen & Eric Erickson and Vicki Beamon, Erickson Beamon was born out of the same spontaneous spirit that carries the brand forward today. As the trio was working with a local designer on the premiere runway show in the early ’80s, they knew jewelry was necessary. But little did they know that by merely stringing crystals and beads onto suede, they were launching a company that would soon be featured in Vogue, and credited with creating the chandelier earring. In 1985 Vicki Beamon moved to London to spearhead the brand’s European division, and the opening of a flagship boutique in London’s Belgravia soon followed. Erickson Beamon is now sold in over 600 stores in 75 nations worldwide.

Though the collection has grown exponentially in the past 27 years, the same handcrafted aesthetic is still Erickson Beamon’s trademark. Walk into their design studios in Manhattan’s West Chelsea or Belgravia, London and visitors will find artisans stilling before trays laden with crystals and semi-precious stones, meticulously assembling each piece by hand. Laying nearby on a table will be the results of some new experiment Karen and Vicki are conducting pushing the possibilities of pearls, crystals and chains – including mirrors, masks, and a chandelier collection that was launched in 2004.


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