Ella K

Elzbieta Klemensowicz, known under her artist’s name of Ella K, has been creating unique pieces of jewelry for the past twenty years. Her creations are a subtle mixture of a baroque feel, together with an ethnic, romantic, or religious style, which she works together according to the inspiration of the moment and the materials at her disposal.

As an artist, she uses unusual materials of yesteryear which give her creations a priceless unique quality: Swarovski crystals from the 1950s, antique jet, cameos, mourningbuttons from the nineteenth century, ivory piano keys, pieces of ebony, feather of birds…In addition, she lets herself be guided by the shapes and the extraordinary patterns that nature offers: agates, amethystes, rock crystals, amber,mother-of-pearl, shells, sea bamboo(coral), ammonites, horn and snakeskin.

Ella K’s unique pieces of jewelry are characteristic of an aesthetic richness, an exuberant style, and often imposing irregular shapes, enriched by a profusion of color and of contrast through the materials she uses.