About Isabelle K

Welcome to our magnificent online jewelry store!

Costume jewelry is our passion. We live it, love it, and have fun with it. Finding that perfect piece is exciting and most important, there are no rules when it comes to looking fabulous. We are always searching for the newest trendy costume jewelry, the highest quality materials and the best avant garde designers from around the world. Our artists are recognized as the top tier in fashion jewelry. Francoise Montague’s classic elegance, Tataborello’s timeless decadence, Philippe Ferrandis’ contemporary classics and Hervé Van Der Straeten’s statement pieces are a few of the acclaimed designers we proudly showcase.

Working directly with the designers, Isabelle personally chooses each piece she features. These works include a wide range of styles including statement necklaces and clip on earrings as well as materials featuring semi-precious stones and metals, resin, leather, and Swarovski crystal.

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of her work is when Isabelle collaborates in a custom design to bring you one of a kind, fashionable statement jewelry. Our incredible clientele often tell us that it is Isabelle’s brilliant jewelry that dazzles their wardrobe and sets them apart.

We want you to have fun with your wardrobe, and our bracelets, earrings, statement necklaces, pins, and watches are the perfect complement to any outfit. Our statement jewelry tells the world that you have impressive style and you understand fashion and elegance. Whether you are attending a wedding or wearing a pair of jeans, our pieces will add just the right accent.

We are especially proud to specialize in clip on earrings. We recognize that beautiful clip on earrings are difficult to find and we make a great effort to stock a large variety.

There is always something new and fabulous to discover in our online jewelry store. Let us help you look your best.